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New Shoutcast stream is up! It needs work too. But. It's up. And. Waiting for YOU!

All you need is an encoder app (software) to get broadcasting in your own time slot. And. $5.00 a month to help cover station costs. You can advertise, market and sell your own content...

Hi. My name is Tony Tuthill. You may know me as, KINNEAS. That has been my on-line; Star Trek Role Playing identity, since 1993.
I. Like you. Are an explorer. A TREKKER. I like to explore creative things.
This web site will still be using FLASH. As well as any other great new thing out there. Your browser may not like everything I try here. I do try making sure it runs in Chrome and Edge.


I was awarded TREKRADIO.COM for my contributions to the Star Trek community. But. Let me back-up.. .

We never doubted there would be a day when we could break away from Role-Play BBS & Chat. And. Walk around as our Avatars and even fly a starships together. So. My goals since 2003 have been working towards Radio and Media for Star Trek Television and Star Trek Gaming while it evolved. But. There was no such thing as INTERNET RADIO yet.

This led to The first STAR TREK Gaming podcasts. The first STAR TREK ONLINE podcasts. The first Star Trek Guinness Book of World Records Event and Simulcast from london. First live streams from Star Trek Las Vegas. The first Star Trek Online Radio Stations. The First IN-CHARACTER DJ shows... AND. The first Licensing Agreements for small broadcasters and, ASCAP, SESAC, SOUND EXCHANGE & BMI...And. Much more.

In many cases I was the Lead Creator who drove those projects.

In 2010 & 2011. Due to Copyright and Licensing infringements. There was a creative split between and myself.

After re-branding and establishing themselves as 'regulars' at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention . They continued to operate and still do. And. Make me out to be the bad guy. They even tried to intimidate me legally. I have not contested any of it and have been working on finding broadcasters for UFP MEDIA NETWORK. To continue to try and build an In-Character Audio Bridge between Star Trek Televison, Movies and Massively Multiplayer Online...LIFESTYLES.

Paramount, Perpetual, Cryptic, Atari, CBS and Perfect World have all been aware of my goals and activities in the Star Trek community. And. I have every right to use TREKRADIO.COM

My wish is that you join me and bring your talents and Star Trek content here to broadcast. Help me re-launch Trekradio and UFPMedia (for the in-character broadcasters)
Thank you.
Tony Tuthill (KINNEAS)


Featuring broadcasters from the UFP and all four quadrants!

RED ALERT! STAR TREK Television and STAR TREK GAMING(MMO) will eventually merge. The broadcasters have been gearing up since 2010!

TREKRADIO will be hosting the UFP MEDIA broadcasters until that fateful day comes. Tune into the audio bridge between STAR TREK television, gaming. and. lifestyles. visit the ufpmedia website here.

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